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50th Annual JFK 50 Mile Ultramarathon

As a three time finisher of the JFK 50 Mile Ultramarathon, the race holds a special place in my heart. This 50 mile race is run from Boonsboro, Maryland to Williamsport, Maryland over the AT, C&O canal and eight miles of rolling country roads.

It was the first ultra I did. My then fiancée, now wife, locked the keys in the car at the start. She was my crew. The weather, 30′, 40 mph wind and snow. We were 20 minutes late to the start due to the snow. My water bottles froze solid in the first 5 miles. She was not able to get the car unlocked and back on course until I hit the 35 mile mark. I still finished and have NEVER been so cold. So yes I love this race.

For the 50th Annual JFK 50 Mile Ultramarathon I headed to the early 5:00 a.m. start and was photographing the runners throughout the day.

Stunning performances by Max King and Ellie Greenwood. They both set new course records. Ellie has had a spectacular season. She won the granddaddy of all ultra’s, the Western States 100 back in June. Big congrats to them both.

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See you on the trails.

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